Not much to say, it’s the same otter box design that protected my iPhone 7+ for the three years that I had it. Only seemed fitting that I use it to protect my newest iPhone. It fits great, has a clip so I can clip it on my belt if I want and the best part (to me anyway) is the fact that it has the first layer of the case (the hard plastic) and that’s surrounded by the soft rubbery type material. I don’t care if wireless charging works or not, I’m not going to leave a bad review just because I have to plug my phone up.. seems kinda lazy and silly but that’s just my opinion.

My last case (wasn’t an otter box) made me feel like I was going to drop my phone more with it on my phone than without. It was a rather well known brand but it was way too slick and I had trouble pressing the volume buttons and such. I love this otter box case. None of the issues that the other case had.

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